Performance Analyzes

Within the apartment, a wall mounted monitoring and control system is installed. It consists of a charge controller, a battery and a DC/AC converter to supply the A/C system with electricity.

The system performance is monitored via a Raspberry Pi.

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Photo-electric System

The rooftop system consists of the minimal set-up of 4 photovoltaic modules, each with a peak power of 100W. They are connected in parallel and provide a supply voltage of 12V.

The System is installed flat to avoid visual disturbance and minimize the wind force impact.

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14 temperature sensors are distributed on two walls of the living room. Each wall has 7 sensors in equidistant steps from ceiling to ground. A minutely average measurement is taken.

The room air temperatures are logged and distributed via a Raspberry Pi.

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Building Typology

The whole system is mounted on top and installed within a building in the Red Sea Resort El Gouna. It is used in a common building type which is present throughout the town where it is only varied in orientation and number of floor levels.

The electric consumption is monitored and a simulation model is available.

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